June 2013

14 June 2013 – Change PEG for Mic-key Button

Lil Z’s PEG tube sprung a leak on 7 June – right at the start of a long bank holiday weekend. We decided to tape it and hope for the best, rather than take her into the hospital over the weekend – which actually worked quite well. I phoned the PEG nurse when everyone returned to work on Tuesday, she spoke with a consultant in Gastroenterology, and Lil Z was put on the “urgent” list for surgery in the main theatre. By Thursday, they had confirmed that she would have the surgery done on Friday. It was a quick and simple procedure – they removed the PEG and replaced it with a mic-key button and then did an endoscopy to make sure there were no problems. The endoscopy showed that esophageal redness, which the doctor believes is caused by reflex. Therefore, we’ve been told to keep her on the omeprazole. Apart from that, everything went smoothly and we were using the button within half an hour of Lil Z waking up from the GA. Once she had come round fully and had a feed through the button, we were able to go home.


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