January 2013

10 january – seizure

Lil Z had a flexor spasm seizure early in the morning that lasted 10 minutes. She was brought out of the seizure with Midaz. She was discharged from the hospital the next day.

9 January – PEG fitted

In an act of amazing negotiation skills and persistence, QB convinced the Gastro and Ortho teams to work together during one surgery to fit her hip spica AND fit her with a PEG to replace the NG tube – at the same time. Surgery went well.

8 January – Broken femur

Lil Z went to the hospital to get her nasogastric tube reinserted. She had been unhappy and crying for the past day. The doctors at the RCH discoverd that she had a fracture of her right femur. Lil Z was admitted to hospital and her leg put into traction. She was actually much happier as she was on lots of painkillers.

3 January – Seizure

Flexor spasm seizure that lasted around 15 minutes. She had Midaz to stop the seizure. Ambulance called and Lil Z taken in to be checked over, although she had stopped fitting by the time the ambos arrived. The Neuros decided to increase her Keppra dosage to 2.5ml BD.


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