February 2013

11 February – Hospital admission

Lil Z had spiked a number of fevers over the weekend and so I took her to the GP on Monday morning. The GP was concerned that Lil Z had a rattly chest, prescribed antibiotics and sent her for a chest X-ray and urine test. In the afternoon I found her in her cot, unresponsive, rigid and trembling all over. After attempting to rouse her, I phoned an ambulance. Her temp was 41C and she was hypoglycemic and tachycardic. The paramedics couldn’t get a line in her (after numerous distressing attempts) and gave her an intramuscular injection of glucose. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctors got a line in and started her in IV antibiotics and fluids. They used an in-out catheter to get a urine sample and discovered she had a urinary tract infection. We were admitted to Paterson Ward. After another day of IV antibiotics, we were allowed to go home and continue antibiotics through the PEG.

9 February – Seizure

Flexor spasm seizure at night that lasted around 10 minutes and required Midaz to stop it.

7 February – Seizure

Flexor spasm seizure during the morning that lasted 15 minutes and required Midaz to stop it.

6 February – New formula

Started Lil Z on a new, soy-based formula to see if her vomiting is the result of a lactose intolerance. The new formula was a disaster. She was immediately unsettled, miserable, and vomited more than usual. After suffering through two days of it, we took the unilateral decision to go back to Nutrini.


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