August 2013

15 August – a new kind of seizure

I was holding her when she had a seizure, otherwise I might have missed it. The seizure only lasted 30 seconds at most. Lil Z went rigid and started grinding her teeth. She came out of it herself and had hiccups afterwards (which is common after a seizure).

13 August – Seizure

This seizure was similar to the one she had a few weeks ago. Another flexor spasm seizure that lasted about 5 minutes and didn’t require meds to bring her out. It happened in the morning when she was trying to escape her bouncy chair – so was being quite happy and active when it happened.

7 August – Hospital admission

Lil Z had been waking crying in the night and also getting nighttime fevers. During the day she seemed a bit off, but not necessarily unwell. On Tuesday afternoon, she got a fever that was difficult to bring down. She slept all day and was obviously feeling poorly. On Wednesday, I took her to the GP, who recommended we go to the Emergency Department for a quicker and more definitive solution. After doing blood and urine tests and taking a chest x-ray, the doctors in the Emergency Department found she had quite a severe urinary tract infection and said she would need to be admitted for IV antibiotics. We spent the night on Robertson Ward and continued IV antibiotics on Thursday. Lil Z slept a lot, but on Thursday afternoon finally began to perk up. Her temperature was back to normal, so the doctors agreed I could continue on oral antibiotics from home.


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