April 2013

seizure – 25 april

Just to keep things interesting, this was a lunchtime seizure. She’d been unsettled in the morning and I’d taken her and Vegemite to the park for some fresh air. Predictably, she fell asleep on the walk there and had a seizure while we were at the park. It only lasted 7 minutes again, but it was worsening (getting greater in intensity) after 5 minutes, rather than showing any signs of coming out of it herself. She wasn’t as sleepy as the previous day – although she did have a nap when we got home.

Seizure – 24 April

Morning seizures seem to be the fashion at the moment – previously she had more in the evening or at night. This was another flexor spasm seizure and lasted about 7 minutes – stopping within 2 minutes of giving Midaz. She then slept for most of the rest of the day.

Post-op eye appointment

Her eye surgeon was happy with the result of the surgery. No follow up needed.

Seizure – 17 April

Another morning seizure. This one was slightly shorter lived, lasting only about 7 minutes – so stopping within 2 minutes of giving her the Midaz. She was aware and distressed between spasms. She had a long sleep afterward.

seizure – 12 april

The seizure started right after I got Lil Z up in the morning. It was her usual flexor spasm seizure, lasted about 10 minutes and needed Midaz to bring her out of it. The seizure or the Midaz made her very sleepy and she then slept for around 5 hours – despite being taken for a run, getting caught in a rainstorm and being dragged on and off a train. Fingers crossed the adjusted meds just haven’t kicked in yet…

General Paediatrics appointment – 10 April

I’ve never been so happy to have an appointment. Although he’s not a Neuro, our Paediatrician adjusted Lil Z’s seizure medication to see if we can bring her seizures back under control. Otherwise, it was a good appointment. Lil Z was in great form and I thought the Paed was going to pull her from her pushchair and give her a big hug when she smiled at him and then proceeded to have a ‘conversation’. My favourite paeds fellow was also there – making the appointment very much a feel-good experience.

seizure – 9 april

I’m not 100% certain about this one, but I think I missed a seizure during the night. Lil Z woke me at 3am with her crying. When I went to comfort her, she was displaying her usual postictal behaviour. So, I suspect she had a seizure and fortunately came out of it on her own. How long it lasted, however, is unknown.

seizure – 6 april

Another flexor spasm seizure. This one was longer than the previous few, lasting 15 minutes at least (I found her having a seizure in her bed). She needed Midaz to bring her out of her seizure. It was a much more violent seizure than the past few and she was very distressed as she was coming out of it.

Neurology appointment – 2 april

Our regular neurologist is on sick leave, so we saw a different one. He spent a long time reviewing Lil Z’s history and said he thought that her diagnosis should be cerebral palsy. I didn’t argue too much, but I’m not convinced – we’ve explored that before and its been ruled out.

He referred Lil Z for a second MRI. She had her first when she was 6 months old, so its time to see how her brain has developed over the past year and a half. However, he seemed sceptical that the MRI would yield any results and left me wondering if it is wise to do it at all.

He also wasn’t particularly helpful about Lil Z’s seizures. I described some of the unusual activity I’ve noticed at night when she’s asleep but he was doubtful that it had anything to do with seizures. He also made only minor adjustments to Lil Z’s medication, despite the fact she’s had several recent seizures.

Seizure – 1 April

Lil Z had flexor spasms that lasted for around 4 minutes shortly after she went to bed in the evening. She came out of it on her own. Similar to the last seizure, she was crying and distressed between spasms. She also cried afterward, although she settled after about half an hour.


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