And then there was a lift!

After a lot of noise and dust, we have (drum roll please) – our own, personal elevator in our house.

It was a surprisingly quick process – once the lift arrived in Brisbane, that is. After the general builders knocked the hole in the floor/ceiling, the lift builders arrived and took about a week to install the lift and run all the necessary tests to ensure that it operates safely.

Then the general builders returned to finish things off. As far as building projects go, this one was straightforward and drama-free.

So, here is the big reveal – our new lift!


The upstairs part – which exits into Z’s new bedroom



The downstairs section – which exits down a ramp into the garage

As you can probably tell from the first photo, the next step in the journey is to finish decorating Miss Z’s new bedroom. Once it is painted and the carpet laid, she can move upstairs. That will be the completion of phase one of “Project Home Modifications”.  The next steps will be to install a ceiling track and hoist system in her new bedroom and remodel the bathroom so that it is fully accessible for her.

The lift has come just in time. Miss Z is growing like a weed and now weighs around 25kg (55lbs) – making it increasingly difficult to lift and carry her, especially up and down stairs.

There was lots of excitement when we were finally given the green light to use the lift. I have to confess to going up and down it by myself several times (the girls were at school). Then our care worker arrived and I took her up and down a few times. Vegemite arrived home from school and was thrilled to try it out.

There was one person who wasn’t quite as enthusiastic:  Miss Z.

When the school bus delivered her home, she was fast asleep, and steadfastly refused to wake up (even with a bit of sisterly encouragement) to admire the new lift. So, she slept through her first ride. And many rides since then. In fact, I’d say that her favourite feature of the lift is that when she has an afternoon nap on the bus, she doesn’t have to be woken to be carried upstairs, but instead can continue sleeping as she’s rolled into the lift, taken upstairs, and rolled back out, and then parked in the kitchen where she continues to snore happily for up to an hour.

At least, in her own way, Miss Z has made the use of the lift her own.


Miss Z and her unwaivering dedication to sleep



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