And so it begins…

At 7am this morning, a man began knocking a hole in the ceiling of our garage and the floor of our spare bedroom. By 10.30am, there was an elevator-shaped hole in our house.




…and after

Not to mention the fact that the closet doors are the only thing separating my office from the garage!


My office is on the other side of these closet doors

So, now we have to wait for the lift to clear customs. Hopefully it will arrive by the end of the week and construction will continue.


However, what was really amazing today wasn’t the giant hole in the floor or the fact people can now pop out of the closet and surprise me while I’m working. The really, really amazing thing is that Miss Z slept through the process of knocking down walls and cutting giant holes in the floor. The overpowering noise that had me wanting to hide in a closet to escape. She completely slept through it. She has won my respect – that is a serious commitment to sleeping in during her last week of school holidays.


Miss Z demonstrating her unwaivering commitment to sleep


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