School photo day

Do you ever have a day where you just know nothing is going to go your way?  Well, welcome to my day.

Today is the day Miss Z has her school photo taken. I’ve known it was coming for about a week now. But even though forewarned is forearmed, I’m not sure how I could have changed things from how they turned out…

First of all, Miss Z’s scars from the surgery to have her port inserted are healing very slowly. The big scar on her shoulder isn’t very noticeable when she is wearing clothes, but the one on her neck is – it kind of looks like she’s been on the losing end of a knife fight.

She was also on the losing end of a battle with a mosquito and has a series of little bites down one arm. They match nicely with the scabbed over elbow from her wheelchair-trial-gone-wrong incident.

At some point, she’s also had a good scratch of her ears when frustrated. This means that her left ear has a big gash and has made her whole ear go a bit red.

She has also managed to bash her lip on something and it has been a bit swollen on one side all week, although I think it was a bit less noticeable today.

And because she likes to rub her face on things, and because she dribbles, she often gets some red spots on her face – presumably from repeatedly rubbing her face on her soggy floor mat. I can usually clear them up quite easily with a bit of tea tree moisturiser, but not today. Today, she looks like she’s a spotty teenager.

Still, she is (in my opinion at least) one of the most beautiful children on the planet, so it doesn’t matter if she has a few spots, cuts and scars – her personality will shine through on the photos, right?


Unfortunately, the personality shining through today might not be the one I was hoping to have captured. She woke herself up retching this morning (she doesn’t vomit often these days, since nothing is in her stomach, but she does still have bouts of retching, caused by those nasty secretions that are still lurking in her throat and chest) and it went downhill from there. My usually sleepy, cuddly, sweet little girl was screaming and crying from the time she got up. She wasn’t interested in her sister, cartoons or cuddles – although she was determined to try to remove that offensive left ear with her fingernails… I did manage to get her to stop crying before the schoolbus arrived, but she still didn’t look at all happy.

Vegemite consoled me by saying: “don’t worry, she’ll be happy once she’s away from you”.


It will be a few weeks before we get to see the results of the school photos. This year should really be a classic.


Proof it isn’t completely impossible to get a good photo of Miss Z…


One response to “School photo day

  1. I am new to your blog and want to thank you for your candid sharing of trials, beautiful daughters and emotions.


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