A rare life – day 21

OK, so I’m cheating a little bit. It is morning here in Brisbane, which means I’ve missed my ‘post of the day’ for Friday… but it is still Friday in other parts of the world! So, I’m using time zones to my advantage.

And I have a good excuse for missing last night. It was Date Night. And the first rule of date night is that you do not waste precious we-have-a-babysitter hours trying to type on your iPhone while sitting across from your hubby in an upscale Brisbane restaurant.

I wish I could say that we didn’t even speak of the children all night – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on Date Night? But we didn’t. In fact, most topics of conversation involved at least one of the two.

And I wish we could claim that we stayed out until 2am, dancing and frolicking and behaving like 18-year olds. But we didn’t. It was Friday night after a long week and we partook of several glasses of wine with dinner – all of which led to us heading home by 9.30pm (well, lets say 9.45pm…).

But despite all that, we had a lovely time.

And it reminded me that we are blessed to have some fantastic carers / babysitters / respite workers – call them whatever you want – in our lives that make the occasional night out possible. They are all reliable, able to cope with Miss Z’s additional needs, and really lovely, fun individuals.

It makes going out easier and more enjoyable when I know that the girls are having a good time, too. A babysitter in our house is considered a treat by everyone – not just QB and me. When I headed out last night, Miss Z was happily asleep in the arms of the babysitter and Vegemite was still out at a playdate with a friend. When we got home, both girls were happily tucked up in their beds, fast asleep.

Last night was just what I needed.


Even Ben enjoys his time with the babysitter.




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