A rare life – day 8

I noticed that Miss Z was running low on nappies last night, so after she headed off on the bus this morning, I headed to the shop to pick some up.

My first thought when I arrived in the baby aisle of the supermarket was that we weren’t going to be able to buy nappies at the supermarket for much longer. Miss Z is nearly 5 years old and weights almost 20kg. Although there are still commercial brands of baby nappies that fit her, they’re not always on the shelf in shops, even the big supermarkets.

My second thought was that it wasn’t fair that Miss Z is likely to be in nappies for the rest of her life. And that thought brought a huge pang of sadness. I felt sad that I was out buying nappies for a nearly 5-year old. And I felt sad that Miss Z has to face so many unfair challenges in her life.

Sometimes the hardest part of being Miss Z’s mother isn’t the trips to the hospital or the high level of care she needs every day. It is standing in the baby aise of the supermarket, reflecting on how unkind life has been to your daughter.

I love someone rare



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