A rare life – day 7

Miss Z loves music. She has never been particularly interested in nursery rhymes or children’s songs (thankfully, since those albums of adults cheerfully singing The Muffin Man drive me around the bend). I tried to get her interested in the Baby Einstein versions of Mozart and Beethoven (falling for their claims to help brain development and all that), but she didn’t take to dumbed down classical music either. What she likes most of all is pop music. Something with a good beat and a catchy tune. Something that we can all sing along to.

Her favourites vary. She (and her sister) were crazy about the Frozen soundtrack for a long time, but interest in it has faded over the past year (at last!). Influenced by her sister, she also enjoys Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. But she made an independent choice – no sisterly influence involved – when she started liking Beyonce. Crazy Love would make Z get her wiggle on faster than any other song on her iPad. It was great because it really reinforced to me that she has her own preferences and opinions – she’s not just wiggling to whatever her sister likes at the time.

Although ABBA has since stolen a special place in her heart, Beyonce remains a favourite. So, when I heard that Beyonce and Bruno Mars (another regular on Z’s playlists) performed at the Super Bowl, I decided I had to show her the video.

(She’s not a big Coldplay fan, so I didn’t bother with that part of the performance).

Miss Z’s reaction to the video was fantastic. She started by giving Bruno a few slideways glances (her visual impairment means she rarely looks at things straight on, but often prefers to look out of the corner of her eye). Then Beyonce appeared and Miss Z’s head popped up. She looked straight at the iPad for a long time, and kept returning to it until the video was done. She was fascinated.

I didn’t realise until later that apparently Beyonce’s song was considered ‘controversial’ and there were pundits on Fox News complaining about its ‘inappropriate’ political content. That just made me happier. Not only does Miss Z know what she likes when it comes to music, but she can also put her finger up at Fox News, too.

That’s my girl.


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