A rare life – day 5

I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically, from our very long day at the hospital today.  Fortunately, everything went as planned and Miss Z is now back home, with version 2 of her GJ-tube and stronger bones (I hope) due to the Pamidronate infusion.

As anyone who has spent much time in a hospital knows, 99 percent of it is waiting. And unfortunately although I remembered to pack my lunch, I forgot to take anything beyond my phone to entertain me for the 13 hours we were there. So, I decided Day 5 could be a photo journal of our day at the hospital and entertained myself by trying to take clever and arty photos all day. I’m not much of a photographer, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what we got up to today.


Our taxi arrived early, so we got to the hospital early – so early that none of the coffee shops were open yet! You can see Miss Z’s opinion of my decision to wait outside Hudson Coffee until it opened at 6am!


Miss Z took a long time to wake up from her general anaesthetic this time round. In fact, she took so long that it started to worry me (and the nurses in Recovery, too), though she woke up fine in the end. In total, she ended up spending over 2 hours in Recovery.


When she finally woke up properly, we moved upstairs for Z’s infusion.

She was very happy to get upstairs to the Day Unit. We visit the Day Unit every month for her infusions, so all the nurses know Miss Z well and spoil her.

I decided to take some artistic photos of Miss Z now that she was happy.



Miss Z likes to hold hands when she’s in the hospital.


And I pondered one of those great mysteries of the hospital. The rule is that you’re not allowed to take hot drinks from the parents’ lounge onto the ward without a cover. But the covers provided are too small for the cups provided. What is a coffee addict to do?


But what really amused me was the rubbish bin in our room. See if you find it as funny as I did… 


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