A merry Christmas at last


Busting a move to ABBA

I wasn’t expecting much this Christmas, just hoping like crazy that we wouldn’t be celebrating it in Miss Z’s hospital room. But, in true Z form, she surprised us again and, after having a bad day on Christmas every year since she was born, she actually had a good – and relatively healthy – Christmas.

The antibiotics have kicked in, and although she’s still a bit sleepy, she’s not coughing all night and she’s not miserable during the day.

That isn’t to say that she was excited at getting up ‘early’ on Christmas morning. She, like me, is not an early bird. In fact, she should be grateful to me for refusing to get up when Vegemite pulled the duvet off QB and me at 5.30am shouting “I just can’t wait any longer!”

When Vegemite finally managed to get us out of bed an hour later, Miss Z wasn’t pleased, but was content to roll around on the rug beside the Christmas tree while presents were distributed. Vegemite has always been Miss Z’s official gift-opener and did a good job again this year – taking turns opening her sister’s and her own gifts. Although she’s never been particularly interested in gifts – even toys – this year she definitely gave a few items (including her light-up glitter lamp) a close look.

She also managed to produce a special gift for me while we were opening presents, so there was no languishing about – once the presents were opened, she went to get her nappy changed.

The rest of the day was very low key. She got her meds and her feeds, as usual. Vegemite put together and played with her new toys. QB and I mooched about, doing nothing much. Although our Christmas Day  may not be Facebook photo-worthy (after all, I managed to avoid make up all day and Miss Z spent the entire day in her pyjamas), we enjoy it. Anything more ambitious would mean lots of stress – and Miss Z would hate it.

For once, Miss Z really did enjoy the day. Her favourite gift was an ABBA DVD that QB found for her. Sixteen of ABBA’s greatest hits as music videos, complete with lots of soft focus, people singing in profile with backlighting and women with blue eye shadow. Z sang and danced along to her favourite songs – probably her best response to a gift… ever.


And in true Christmas fashion, Miss Z and I even managed a mid-afternoon nap, cuddled up together. We did, after all, get up terribly early…

I’m pleased and relieved that we made it through Christmas without a trip to the hospital. Now if she can just carry on while I’m away in the US…

In other words, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.


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