The cat takes over – an occasional series

Dealing with fractures and seizures and chest infections can get you down. So, I thought I’d inject a bit of levity with a post about the member of our family who is all but forgotten on this blog, but who tries very, very hard to be included – especially when there is special needs equipment about. I’m speaking of our cat, Juno.

I sometimes think that being the fogotten one, perhaps Juno is trying to take the place of Miss Z in family life. But then again, perhaps she’s just strange. After all, when she was a kitten, she liked to sleep in desk drawers…


I don’t care if you need a ruler, close the drawer and let me sleep!


Juno moved to Australia with us from London and has assimilated to the Aussie lifestyle exceedingly well. She has learned that she can’t climb a tree as well as a possum and that geckos are fun to catch, particularly as their tails fall off when they get scared, but aren’t so good to eat. However, she still doesn’t understand why we weren’t more gracious when she brought us a live snake as a gift – twice. (no photos of that – I was too busy panicking at the time).

Although when Vegemite was a baby, Juno often tried to sleep in her pram, that was really as far as it went. However, with the arrival of Miss Z, Juno suddenly realised that babies were good for something – providing her with new places for naps. One of her favourite locations was Miss Z’s bouncy chair – although Miss Z loved it with a passion as well, so Juno had to act fast if she ever wanted a nap there.


Get out of here unicorn, this is MY bouncy chair.


Once she realised that the high chair usually came with a free coating of pureed food, she was right there, too.


What’s for dinner tonight?


And Juno was probably the only one who didn’t feel sad when special needs equipment began arriving at our house. Instead of seeing it as signs of limitation, Juno chose to view it as the expansion of opportunity… for naps.

With this attitude, she swiftly embraced the Jenx Giraffe chair,


The lateral supports make a nice place to rest my head.


and the Seat 2 Go,


This seat gives me so much room to move, I can even lick my toes…


and the Child Rite seat.


It makes me sit up nice and straight, too.


It was also nice of those people at Epilepsy Action Australia to send her that comfortable ‘epilepsy teddy bear’ – it comes in useful for naps on the bed.


Who needs stuffed animals when you have me?


But in her opinion, by far the best thing we have purchased for her/Miss Z were beanbags. At first, she wasn’t so happy, because we only had one, which meant sometimes she had to share…


When is this human going to get off my beanbag?

But eventually we humans realised the error of our way and bought her one of her own, so she and Miss Z could watch ‘Sofia the First’ in comfort.


Hmm, now if I can just get her blanket, too…



Ben has tried to join in the fun by using Miss Z’s wedge pillow, but dogs just can’t carry off the attitude.


This isn’t as comfortable as it looks…


Sadly, it appears that the big loser in all of this is poor Vegemite. She has been relegated to the dog bed on the deck.


Vegemite in her new bed.

It’s tough being a sibling. Though that’s nothing compared to having Juno in your family.







One response to “The cat takes over – an occasional series

  1. Judy Watson

    Dear Juno – did you know about this ?– a patronising article, I would call it. What a nerve! My human hasn’t seen it yet, and I may delete it before she does. Mind you, she’s so frightened of her new computer she probably won’t find it anyway. Sometimes I despair of humans. And fancy not appreciating those snakes – wish we had something interesting to hunt here. You won’t believe it, but she’s bought a humane mouse trap for the little mice I bring in – of course they’re still alive – the mice enjoy the experience. Interfering with nature, I call it.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find some way of pointing out the error of her ways to Sarah!

    Catly regards



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