More of me…

This isn’t a proper post as such, but more a bit of narcissistic self-publicity. I haven’t had much sleep lately, so you must forgive me…

However, I have recently also been blogging over at the wonderful Firefly Garden.  Firefly (the makers of the Upsee and other useful equipment for kids with special needs) have recently set up an online community for parents (and grandparents, friends, relatives or anyone else) of children with special needs. It is a lovely online resource and well worth checking out. Oh, and the blogging is pretty good, too. The posts I write for them don’t appear on my blog, so if you want more of me, this is your chance!

Check them out here.


You might have also noticed the Top Mommy Blog badge on my front page. What you might not have realised is that if you click on it, you cast a vote for my blog, which moves me up on the Top Mommy Blog website rankings… which is kinda cool. If you fancy giving it a go, you can click here to cast a vote for my blog.


So, if you really feel like you’re just not getting enough of me – here’s your chance for more! Happy reading…


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