What’s life without a challenge?

50... no more... no less.jpg

50… no more…no less

I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I’ve already got enough on my plate to waste time hassling you for money, let alone coming up with a totally insane scheme to win sponsorship. And you’re probably right. But hey, what is life without a challenge?

After hitting a wall with my running when I pulled out of the Gold Coast Half Marathon in order to attend one of the most fabulous weddings on earth, I’ve been seriously lacking in motivation. So, when some of the parents on the Facebook CDKL5 support group started talking about doing a 5×50 challenge to fundraise and raise awareness, I thought it might be time to pull my socks up and get out of the doldrums.

What is a 5×50 challenge? Well, I’ve pledged to run, walk, swim, cycle, row or otherwise move myself 5km every day for 50 days. It is probably an insane decision. But at the same time, with a little planning and organisation and a lot of determination, there is no reason why I can’t do it.

I’ve set myself a few rules:

  • I can’t bank my distances. In other words, I can’t run 10km one day and take the day off the next. I have to do 5km every day, no matter how far I went the day before.
  • I can’t parcel out distances either – so I can’t do a 1km walk in the morning, add in another 1km walk to the shops in the afternoon, a 1/2km walk during the school run and then do a 2 1/2km jog in the evening, it needs to be all in one go.
  • In order to mix it up a little, I have decided to allow myself to count a kick-boxing session with my trainer as a 5km work out. Those of you who know my trainer will know that she’s not going to go easy on me!
  • To provide proof to my generous sponsors, I’ll also blog as regularly as I can about my efforts… Although don’t expect too much, I suspect I’ve got 50 early nights ahead of me, too…
  • And I will take Lil Z with me as often as I can since she loves running and hasn’t had the chance to go out since I’ve been in my slump.

I also have a few crazy ideas on how you, dear readers, can share in my challenge. Are you up for it? I hope so. However, you’ll have to wait until later to hear my ideas. I’m having an early night tonight as I need all the energy I can muster for the start of my challenge on Monday, 19 August!

In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about my 5×50 challenge or you’d like to get in early with your sponsorship pledge, please visit my fundraising site HERE.



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