The threes of misfortune

Note: This was written on the night of Thursday, 25 October but has been posted now because I didn’t have Internet access in the hospital.

When I told Lil Z’s Neurologist about the run of misfortune we’d had lately, she told me to take heart because bad luck always ran in threes. So, by that count, being kicked out of FECS, the nanny quitting and Lil Z being admitted to hospital should have been the end of my run. Feeling dazed and emotionally drained after so much worry, I wasn’t sure I believed her.

But, she may be right. We’re no closer to going home, but today was a much better day. My presentation over, I was able to focus all my energy on Lil Z today. She was feeling better and despite a few grumpy spells, she had a good day. She looked healthier, she had more energy and she didn’t cough and sneeze as much. Unfortunately, she didn’t eat anything either, but the lovely paediatric registrar looking after her assured me that he thinks as her anti-seizure meds are lowered and the antibiotics begin to work, she will rediscover her love of food.

And I was reminded why I love the RCH so much. There are really some fantastic people working here. Lil Z’s former OT (back when she received her therapy through the RCH) stopped by for a visit and promised to help us with the problem of losing our access to therapy. It made me feel good, after the blows I had earlier in the week, that there are people who care and who are going to help.

A new speechie (the two familiar with Lil Z are away at the moment) stopped by and spent ages discussing Lil Z, and although she didn’t have any immediate fixes for the eating problem, she had some really good recommendations on other things, including bracelets designed to be chewed on, which might encourage Lil Z to stop chewing on her fingers quite so much. Never underestimate the value of these little suggestions – they’re often the ones that make me the happiest.

And I ran into Dr. Chris, my favourite registrar at the RCH. He’s on the renal service at the moment, so we won’t be seeing him (or at least I hope not!), but in January he will start a year-long placement with Lil Z’s paediatrician here at the RCH, which means he’ll be involved in her care again. I’m so, so pleased by this.

I also really like Lil Z’s current paeds reg, who really treats her with respect. Lil Z has come to hate doctors because she’s so often poked and prodded and restrained (she can’t stand having her arms restrained) and forced to do things she doesn’t want. This one, however, sat beside her cot first to let her have a look at him, and has never tried to hold her down to listen to her chest or check her ears. He lets her roll and kick and still manages to get the exam done, but without the screams. Now when he comes to see her, she stares up at him, completely calm. What a difference a little respect makes.

After spending last night and all of today on the ward, I decided this afternoon to take Lil Z in the pram for a walk. We walked to a nearby park and discovered a lovely duck pond (where we were a huge disappointment to the ducks and ibis because we hadn’t brought any bread). Its my favourite time of year in Brisbane, when the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom and the weather is sunny and warm (mostly). The walk cleared my head and Lil Z stayed awake and watched the world go by from her pram. It made me realize that the world isn’t so bad. We will get over this eating obstacle. And the childcare obstacle. And the therapy obstacle. We’ve come through our three misfortunes and are ready to carry on with life.


One response to “The threes of misfortune

  1. What a disaster than Meagan has quit; have you had any success in finding her replacement?


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