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OK, this is a bit of a cheat as far as posts go… Many of you will have seen my Bridge to Brisbane fundraising blog. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, I was raising sponsorship for the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Brisbane by running the Bridge to Brisbane race. On my fundraising page, I had a blog where  I dedicated each training run to a person or people from the RCH who have gone out of their way to help us over the past year.

The race is now over and I sadly wasn’t able to compete after fracturing my foot a week before the race. However, I thought it was important to re-publish my dedications to some of the wonderful people at the RCH. I can’t imagine many jobs more stressful than working at a children’s hospital, but these people have been so kind and have provided such outstanding care for Lil Z over the past year that I think they need to be thanked again. So, here it goes:

* Dr Kate – Lil Z’s neurologist, who is always so kind and concerned, not just about seizures but about our overall well-being. She’s even given me her email address so I can send her updates in between our appointments. And she brought me tea and biscuits on one particularly bad day…

* Ruth from Finance – people from finance are so rarely appreciated, but Ruth took the time to sit down with us and explain how to apply for Medicare and how the system works. She also took on the huge task of dealing with our private insurer for Lil Z’s first hospital admission. Her help let us focus on Lil Z and not worry about insurance.

* Dr David – the lovely registrar who saw Lil Z in the Emergency Department and then phoned twice the next day to follow-up with her.

* The guy with the shaved head in Pathology. Anyone who can take blood from Lil Z without causing a major screaming meltdown is pretty amazing in my book. But someone who can take blood from Lil Z without much fuss at all is a phlebotomy god!

* Dr S – Lil Z’s paediatrician who spends over an hour each appointment discussing all my concerns and answering all my questions, but never makes me feel stupid, even when I ask really daft questions.

* Dr Raley – our GP who again will spend as much time as I need discussing Lil Z’s issues and never makes me feel foolish or rushed. She’s also happy to write us referral letters at the drop of a hat, which is always a huge help.

*  Jo the Physio and Lisa the OT at the RCH, also known as “the Dream Team”. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel towards them for all the support, advice and kindness they’ve given us – as well as the physio and occupational therapy! They’ve suffered through the bad times and have been the first to celebrate the good times. And they’ve visited Lil Z on the ward countless times, just to give a bit of moral support. Their advice on navigating the RCH and the services it offers was invaluable. They were also the first to back me up when I felt that things weren’t right with Lil Z. And they repeatedly told me that I was doing a good job with Lil Z – even when things were particularly awful. I can’t begin to explain how important those words were – it was often the only thing that kept me going.

* Emergency Department nurse “Meegs”. She was on the team that worked on Lil Z the first time she was brought into the hospital and accompanied us up to the PICU. Since then, we’re run into her a number of times in the Emergency Department. She always remembers Lil Z’s name (even before she sees the chart). And even if she’s not assigned to us, she’ll come over to say hello and have a chat about how Lil Z has grown. It always makes me feel good to know that Lil Z isn’t just another case for Meegs – and a lot of the other doctors and nurses in the ED. Hurrah for Nurse Meegs!

 * The paramedic from the Queensland Ambulance Service who brought us in to the RCH on Thursday afternoon. A totally laid back guy until Lil Z started having a massive seizure, when he managed to provide Lil Z with excellent care despite being pinged around in the back of a speeding ambulance. He also stayed at the hospital until Lil Z had stabilised, offered to call my husband so I wouldn’t have to leave her side, and told me afterwards that I’d done a good job and would “make a good ambo”. High praise!

* Dr Chris, paediatrics registrar. He has always been willing to sit down and discuss what is happening with me. He answers my stupid questions without making me feel stupid. When Lil Z was screaming for hours on end for days at a time, he arranged for me to bring her in to see the Neuro (on the same day I called!) without making me feel like I was over-reacting. And he makes social calls to the Emergency Department. Hurrah for Dr Chris!


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