Little successes

Most days, if I can manage to get both girls up, dressed, fed and looking vaguely presentable, then its a good day. If I manage to get me showered, fed and vaguely presentable, its even better. However, most days end with a feeling of frustration that I’ve actually achieved very little in the way of tangible results.

Today was different. And it wasn’t just because I managed to get  everyone up, dressed, breakfasted and on time for all appointments. Today I can chalk up three little successes for Lil Z.

1. Vision Australia. Our OT referred us to them as Lil Z has cortical visual impairment (CVI) although we really have no idea how well she can or cannot see.   At our last visit to the ophthalmologist, she suggested that Lil Z’s vision is quite poor and said if we “work hard with her” then it might improve, but if we don’t… What we have to work on, she never did clearly say, so I’ve been worried about it ever since. Hopefully Vision Australia will help with this. And they will also give Lil Z access to occupational therapy and other support services that have specific knowledge and experience of visual impairment.

2. ECDP at Red Hill Special School. I think ECDP stands for “Early Childhood Development Program” which sounds fairly mundane but is actually a structured playgroup for children with special needs, held at a “special school”. At any rate, I’ve started the process to register Lil Z in the playgroup. Once she’s in the playgroup, she will attend that with me once a week until she’s 4 and then begin “kindy” where she will start to go on her own for short periods of time. The idea is to slowly ease them into school. Many of the children will then go on to attend Red Hill Special School, instead of a mainstream one. It will also be a good place for me to meet other parents with special needs kids. Although, of course, the playgroup is held on Tuesday mornings – one of the days when I work. So although a good success, it will also lead to some stress and difficult decisions.

3. Hydrotherapy. Lil Z has always been calmed by the water – from her first bath in hospital where she fell asleep. I often give her a bath if she is going through one of her screaming patches since it is usually the only thing that can comfort her. Lil Z’s physio heard about a fantastic woman who runs swimming / hydrotherapy classes and managed to track down her number. We spoke tonight and it sounds like an excellent combination of therapy, having fun in the water and learning water safety. Depending on her needs, Lil Z may have one-on-one sessions or a class with one or two other children. The only downside is that the amazing hydrotherapist has just hurt her shoulder, so might not be able to resume lessons again until October or later.

None of my successes are 100% guaranteed, and the playgroup in particular is going to require me doing some creative scheduling. However, it feels good for once to go to bed having really achieved something.



3 responses to “Little successes

  1. Well done you, for following up these leads!


  2. A few steps in the right direction!


  3. I hope they start being more clear about how you can help her- sounds like you’re doing well regardless.


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