Sibling combat

Bathtime combatOur bedtime routine once meant silly songs on the iPad, hairwashing negotiations, and a few stories before curling up in bed. This week, however, it has more closely resembled a scene from Gladiator.

It’s probably my fault. Our bathtub is actually too small for both girls at the same time (espeically since Lil Z is in a bath seat), but it’s just too much hard work to give them separate baths.

It all starts before they get in the tub, however. Often, they’ll be wrestling around in front of the tv, catching a last episode of Peppa Pig while I run the bath. Lil Z likes to roll into Vegemite and thump her with her arm a few times. I think this is her way of getting her sister’s attention. Vegemite retaliates by flopping across Lil Z, pinning her to the floor. Sometimes Lil Z manages to grab a handful of hair, which leads to wails from Vegemite of “Muuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmeeeeeeee, Lil Z is ATTACKING meeeeeee!” (these wails generally go ignored, I’m afraid to say).

Once in the bathroom, Vegemite quickly gets undressed (she tends to shed clothes throughout the afternoon, so rarely has much to take off) and then begs to help undress Lil Z. I agree – probably much to Lil Z’s dismay as she’s soon manhandled by her sister, who generally removes her trousers by grabbing the cuffs of both legs and pulling.

Then its into the bath. There is often a battle as to who can get in first. Its easier to put Lil Z in first, but Vegemite has learned that if she’s first in, she can grab more space. There is also a debate about positions – poor Lil Z is usually relegated to the space under the taps, although occasionally Vegemite will convince me to let her play “hairdresser” and face Lil Z the other direction, giving her sister full access to her hair for shampooing and brushing.

In the bath is when the battle really begins. Vegemite tries to put her legs and feet up on Lil Z, insisting she needs the room. However, Lil Z is more devious. She waits for her moment and then brings both feet into the air and smacks them back down in the water, causing a bathtub tidal wave and usually hitting her sister with a face-full of water. Vegemite shrieks and tries to hold Lil Z’s legs down, which only leads to more splashing. I sit back, try to avoid the water flying everywhere, and remind myself that at least they’re getting clean….

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One response to “Sibling combat

  1. Gavin Watson

    Good one… Made me laugh out loud on the bus… Heh heh

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